SimpleAvr Projects

[July, 2018] creation of this launch page which should eventually host all of my published projects

Microcontroller Projects since 2010, mostly TI MSP430 devices

I am consolidating all of my projects in github and is moving all the project pages here. Some of these projects are quite old and I am not able to support them anymore. Source codes are available for your experimentation and I cannot guarantee usability and success of any of my projects.

In no particular order

3p4w Clock 3 Parts 4 Wires Clock. Digital clock with absolute minimal parts.

Breadboard Collections

8 Bit FFT Spectrum Analyzer 8 bit FFT Audio Spectrum Analyzer on a TI LaunchPad with Educational BoosterPack

Bad Apple Jukebox Like Device Plays Bad Apple Meme.

Compact Audio Spectrum Analyzer 7 Band Compact Audio Sprectrum Analyzer based on msgeq7 and msp430 MCU.

EZ430Trainer A Retro Style Basic Computer.

Ezprobe Logic Probe and More Multi-tester Based on the TI EZ430 USB Development Stick.

LaunchPad Shield A DIY Breadboard Shield for the TI Launchpad, and RGB Led Driving Example.

RFM12b Spectrum analyzer RF Spectrum Analyzer Based on the TI Launchpad and the RFM12b RF Module.

RTC Clock A minimalist digital clock with crystal time keeping.

TI LaunchBread Breardboard Development and Programming with the TI msp430 Value Line MCUs.

TMS0803/5 Emulating Calculator Build MSP430G2452 acting as a TMS0803 calculator chip. Emulates TI DataMath 2500II and Sinclair Scientific Calculators.

NP25 Calculator Build msp430 Based Calculator Emulator for the HP-21, HP-25C, and HP-33C Calculators.

AVR Projects